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Contractual Meshes. A Systemic Law Chapter
Persico NicoláI

SBN: 978-9878515175


COLOFÓN: 2021-09-20144



After publishing the books “Estudio exploratorio sobre la conformación de un Derecho sistémico” and “cibercomunalidad soberana. Expresión de la fictio iuris en el derecho evolutivo”, Dr. Nicolás Persico presents what he understand is the third pillar to approach the study of the systemic law discipline. That is to resize a “first order law” institute (degree of closeness to conduct), namely contract law. 
This art-law work propose a new model to visualize and monitor the contracting activity coupling imagination, logical methodology, and a fuzziness approach for both the dynamical passage from micro to macro perspective and the disciplinary boundaries delineation between legal and non-legal phenomena. 
This “mesh-morpho reality” model represents one way to contribute for the study of “contract systemic law”, an entire new chapter of the systemic law discipline as presented by the author. Besides, in terms of its applicability, it might encourage a team of artists, IT consultants, industry engineers, physics, sociologists and lawyers in order to jointly design new frontiers for the Regulation Technology (Regtech) software industry. Such a software would promptly require a deep understanding of various fields like Big Data - for individual contracts as raw material - or Artificial Intelligence – for artificial clauses or events –used to build an embedded social system, namely a contractual mesh with their corresponding reached reality. 
The ius-systemic procedural law methodology explained in “Estudio exploratorio sobre la conformación de un Derecho sistémico” and firstly applied in “Cibercomunalidad soberana. Expresión de la fictio iuris en el Derecho evolutivo”, is now properly understood under the paradigm of the “mesh-reality model”